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Counseling Programs & Services


Kim Murray, School Counselor - General Education Students

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What is a School Social Worker and what do we do?

Both Mrs. Murray and Mrs. Nachman work collaboratively with teachers, staff, and parents at Joyce Kilmer School and Parkview School to address the academic, social, and emotional needs of ALL students.  Our goal is to help empower students with knowledge, positive interpersonal skills, and coping strategies for issues that students may face. 



What does Mrs. Murray do?

Mrs. Murray provides individual and group counseling to students in need and those students who have it indicated in their 504 plan.  She is available to students if they need someone to talk to, become overwhelmed, or need help resolving conflicts in school. Mrs. Murray teaches classroom lessons on social emotional skills in grades preschool through 5th grade using mainly the L.E.A.D. program, which can be found at Milltown Police Officer, Erik Haefner, co-teaches with Mrs. Murray 10 lessons to fifth graders on substance abuse prevention using the L.E.A.D. program.



Resources for Parents in Middlesex County


CARES:  Our District’s Core Values

Focusing on positive behaviors is a top priority in Parkview and Joyce Kilmer Schools.  In doing so, our children become intrinsically motivated to do the right things and behave in productive ways in school, at home, and in their lives now and in the future.  To foster their innate abilities, we teach and reinforce our cores values for which we use the acronym CARES. This stands for:

Cooperation- working together toward an end goal

Assertion- standing up for yourself and others in an honest and respectful way

Responsibility - knowing what I need to do and doing it right away

Empathy- showing care for the feelings of others

Self-control- managing your actions and emotions in an appropriate way


Bully Prevention Lessons at Parkview School

Students in First through Third Grade are provided with Bully Prevention Lessons with Mrs. Pinnella, once per week during their homeroom, for the entire school year. The lessons cover:

  • What bullying behavior is 
  • How we respond to bullying behavior as individuals and as a community
  • Practice role playing bullying situations using tools given during lessons
  • Learn Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Practice role playing conflict situations using tools given during lessons
  • Summer Safety Lessons including pool safety, car safety, gun safety, stranger safety and safe touches.