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Face Shield Information

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Information Regarding Face Shield Use


The NJDOE Road Back plan compels additional protection related to larger class sizes that may compromise the ability to socially distance students. Milltown is experiencing a higher on-site population than most other districts; therefore, we have additional precautions in place for students and staff that exceed most other districts.  We understand that decisions related to the health and safety of students and staff may sometimes translate to feelings of a loss of the comforts or normalcy that we have become used to in school and everyday life. Opting to wear a face shield in addition to a mask aligns with the guidelines of implementing various extra precautions when social distancing cannot be guaranteed. 


 The classrooms are equipped with both desk shields and additional table tops barriers. However, students are not always going to be expected to be contained to their seats while in the classroom. Since the virus is mainly spread through airborne droplets, the face shields are yet another protective safety precaution to prevent the spread of the virus in a room where the capacity is near a normal class size during a health crisis that remains at a high risk level in our region. 


Currently, we are strongly recommending that students wear face shields in classes with 10 or more students. Each student currently has their own face shield, and should take advantage of this additional health precaution and use it especially in the aforementioned classes with 10 or more students.  Students at JK can maintain their own face shields and transport them back and forth to school in their bookbags. The face shields can be cleaned by the students/parents each evening similar to face masks, or between classes after use by the students. Disinfectant cleaning solution or cleaning wipes can be used to clean the shields.  See directions linked below for further information.


 The face shields that are being left at Parkview School are labeled with the students' names, hung on the sides of their desks and are being disinfected with our electrostatic sprayers. The electrostatic sprayers are the industry premium for eliminating the coronavirus and other contaminants.  Our custodians have been trained by an outside consultant with the manufacturer on how to disinfect all surfaces with our electrostatic sprayers, including the face shields.


 The additional measure of wearing a face shield not only protects the wearer, but they also provide another layer of protection for others in the proximity of the person. 



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