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New Jersey Tiered System of Supports

Milltown School District has developed a three-tiered Response to Intervention (RtI) model as a process of implementing high-quality research-based instruction, monitoring student progress, and adjusting instruction to meet the needs of every learner. Students who need additional support may be referred to the Intervention and Referral Services (I&RS) team for more targeted interventions.


RTI: Response to Intervention

The NJ Student Learning Standards are assessed as part of the regular curriculum to ensure that students are meeting college and career readiness indicators. If students do not meet mastery on the curriculum based common assessments, they are retaught and reassessed within the regular language arts and math programs.  Differentiation is used to provide additional direct instruction in order to remediate standards for a period of time following the common assessments.  Those students who are still in need of support after the second assessment are offered additional teacher tutoring.  

Response to Intervention is not used as a distinct avenue to identify for Special Education.  However, data collected as part of the district's Tiered System of Supports in conjunction with the I&RS process informs decisions for recommendations for Special Education evaluations.


Basic Skills

Basic Skills Instructional Support (BSIP) is supplemental instructional services to meet the needs of at-risk learners.  It is funded through Federal Title I grant money and our local district budget. It is not associated with Special Education.  

The link below is the information presented at the yearly parent information meeting.


I & RS: Intervention and Referral Services

If a student is not making sufficient progress given the typical Tier 1 and 2 interventions, then the teacher may seek assistance from the I&RS team.  The I&RS team meets monthly to brainstorm strategies and interventions to best meet individual student learning styles. Referral to the I&RS team is a proactive response to teacher or parent concerns about student progress. I&RS cases are kept open for one school year, and may be reopened by the following year's teacher, if sufficient progress is not evident.


I&RS: Links

A Child Study Team evaluation may be recommended by the I&RS team, if the student has not shown a satisfactory response to interventions outlined in his/her action plan.