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Grades K-8


Welcome to Milltown Public Schools Registration Process

Students are eligible to enroll in Milltown Public Schools if they live with: a parent or guardian who is a resident of Milltown; or with a Milltown resident who provides full financial support for the student for reasons other than obtaining an education in Milltown.


If you are registering a student for Preschool, please contact Student Support Services before proceeding. (732) 214-2370 option 4, 9

If you are registering a student for Kindergarten, the student must be at least five years old, on or before October 31, of the year of entrance.

If you are registering a student for First Grade, the student must be at least six years old, on or before October 31, of the year of entrance.


There are (3) easy steps to enroll your child in Milltown Public Schools:

Step 1:     Download/Print out Pre-Registration Directions below.

Step 2:     Pre-Register online. Please make sure you have completed steps 1 and 2 before proceeding to step 3.


Step 3:     Call to schedule an appointment to complete the registration process.

Registrations are by appointment ONLY.

Grade School Phone Number Contact
K-3 Parkview 732-214-2360 option 1, 2 Shelley Mate
4-8 Joyce Kilmer 732-214-2370 option 2, 2 Sue Bottiglieri


Please bring the following documents to your scheduled appointment:

(1.)  Completed online Pre-Registration Form


(2.)  Documentation of Residency (More proofs may be required)

             One of the following:

                   ___  Property deed, property tax bill, or mortgage statement on said address

                   ___  Copy of an executed lease on said address or notarized statement from                                 landlord

             Two of the following:

                   ___  Copy of valid homeowner's or tenant's insurance policy or binder on said                               address

                   ___  One current utility bill on said address

                   ___  NJ Driver's License or NJ Motor Vehicle Registration


(3.)  Dependency Verification

              One of the following:

                   ___ Original birth certificate or passport bearing the same surname of student                              as parent/guardian

                   ___ Copy of section of a court decree awarding custody of student

                   ___ Letter from a department of state or federal government 

                   ___ A properly executed affidavit


(4.)  Immunization records AND current physical exam completed by a physician


(5.)  Previous school documents

                   ___ Current Report Card


                   ___ Current Student Schedule



(6.) Proof of custody (if applicable

                   ___ Legal document of divorce, separation, single parent or guardianship



*Records may not be accepted if they are not translated to English on doctor's letterhead.