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Community Extension Programs

  • 1st grade students play Bingo with Milltown's senior citizens
  • 2nd grade students create Thanksgiving cards for Milltown's senior citizens
  • 3rd grade students crochet with Milltown's senior citizens
  • Students perform musical concerts for Milltown's senior citizens      
    • 2nd grade students perform winter concert
  • Parkview kindergarten students perform musical concert for parents in winter
  • Parkview and Joyce Kilmer's school gardens
  • Parkview students Halloween parade and visit to Milltown's senior citizens
  • Parkview Trunk or Treat Halloween event
  • Parkview Talent Show
  • Parkview grade 3 chorus
  • Parkview Art Show
Joyce Kilmer
  • Joyce Kilmer's Haunted River Walk
  • District and community Green Club
  • JK Band - Milltown Tree Lighting
  • 4th and 5th grade Halloween Parade
  • 4th grade students visit Milltown's Historical Society
  • Joyce Kilmer's Musical Production
  • Joyce Kilmer's 8th grade Variety Show
  • Joyce Kilmer's March Madness Basketball event
  • Joyce Kilmer's Big Brother/Big Sister Program
  • Veterans' Breakfast @ JK
  • Career Fair at Joyce Kilmer
  • Joyce Kilmer's STEAM Fair
  • Joyce Kilmer Winter and Spring Concerts
  • Joyce Kilmer's Wingman
  • Joyce Kilmer's Youth In Government
  • Students perform musical concerts for Milltown's senior citizens
    • Joyce Kilmer band and chorus perform spring concert
  • Joyce Kilmer band and chorus students attend musical festival in June