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Strategic Plan - Vision 2022

The Milltown School District will be developing a new Strategic Plan for the 2019-2022 school years. The plan includes the following areas: Academic Excellence, Communication & Technology, Life Long Learners and Adapt to Change. All staff, parents, and community members are welcome to participate in the committees that will carry on the tasks associated with the action plans throughout the three years. Thank you to those below who are participating and contributing!
District Leadership Team
Strategic Plan Steering Committee Members

Stephanie Brown
Norma Tursi
Carl Schneider
Jenn Spisso
Janice Hodgson
Bill Petscavage
William Veit
Eric Siegel
Kris Giglio
Michelle Monteleone
Christine Potter
Jim Barton
Jill Maiorano
Year One
Strategic Plan 2019-2020
Benchmark 2/2020
Benchmark 6/2020
Year Two
Strategic Plan 2020-2021
Benchmark 10/2020
Benchmark 2/2021
Year Three
Strategic Plan 2021-2022
Benchmark 10/2021
Benchmark 2/2022
Benchmark 6/2022