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Parents are valued partners in the educational development of the children of Milltown Public Schools. We believe that successful learning is achieved through strong connections with parents and all sectors of our community.


With spring approaching, and with so much time at home hopefully in the rearview mirror in the coming months, we wanted to share an amazing program that assists, structures, and guides students with being independent and self sufficient.

As a parent, I often find myself doing too much for my oldest son. Whether it's drying him off after a bath, making a bowl of cereal for him, or putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush, these small tasks, which are easily accomplished by children can be used as the building blocks for confidence to complete larger tasks as they get older. Oftentimes, I catch myself and say, "He should be doing that on his own!"

The Let Grow program of activities and materials helps parents and children of all ages structure their responsibilities, small or large, set goals for new accomplishments, and assists in giving children more of a stake in the everyday operations of their household.

Attached in the packet you will find:

An independent project organizer
Project ideas
Responsibility charts
Bookmarks with positive messages
A goal chart
Challenge pages

Also attached you will find an example of my son Cassidy's independent project idea and his goal chart. He filled out a seperate sheet, but for the purposes of me sharing with you all, I rewrote it!

These materials and organizers can be used with elementary, middle, or even high school students. I have found it very helpful with my oldest son, Cassidy, as he is ready to do more, and to do more on his own, and this helps us target specific things that either him, or my wife and I want him to be able to do. Cassidy has found a great sense of accomplishment and pride in getting to his goals. Plus, more independence allows us, as parents, more time to do other things (like chase his younger brother around).

Please feel free to download, print, and use these materials, and do not hesitate to share any newly developed independent skills (cooking, cleaning, building, creating, etc.) with us on the JK Homeroom app!

Be well,
Mr. Veit






  • Best Day Surfers- Water and beach activities
  • Healing Waves of Impact - Water and beach activities, including surfing and boating
  • Special Olympics- local chapters, include bowling and swinging as well as other sports
  • Old Bridge Camp Robin
  • North Brunswick Buddy Soccer
  • Camp Daisy East Brunswick
  • Kayelynn Dance Studio Milltown
  • Old Bridge Shining Knights Cheer and Football
  • East Brunswick Baseball


Milltown school district values our partnership with parents in helping our students achieve at high academic standards. The following links provide more information on district policies that support working together to ensure your child's success at school.



  • Grade 1 - Book Review Publishing Presentation
  • Grade 2 - International Celebration
  • Grade 3 - VIP Day
  • Grade 4 - Living History Museum
  • Grade 5 - Road to Revolution


Milltown schools welcome volunteer help. To inquire about volunteering in our schools please contact the building main office.