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Community Relations Committee

Community Relations
The Milltown Board of Education seeks assistance from community members who would like to become more actively involved in our schools and be part of a special community relations committee. The committee is comprised of elected members of the Board of Education, school personnel, parents, other residents, and members of the business community. Listed below is a brief description of the committee and its function.
The committee is advisory and reports to the Milltown Board of Education. Committees make recommendations to the Board, but it is the Board who takes final, formal action. If you would like to apply for consideration to join this committee, please complete the form below. Applicants will be contacted as committee seats become available.
Committee Description
Climate, Culture, and Community Relations: Promotes a partnership of healthy communication between our schools and our community. This committee will act as key communicators and focus on the following areas:
  1. Support community awareness of educational opportunities;
  2. Improve parent and community involvement within our schools;
  3. Promote a culture of positive and healthy learning within our schools; and
  4. Develop the physical climate of schools thereby boosting a climate of safety, morale, and pride.
Committee members serve for a one-year term and must reapply every school year.  Members are limited to serving for 2 consecutive years.
Please submit application above.