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Mentoring Program

Mentoring Program
Milltown School District welcomes all new teachers during our annual New Staff Orientation in August. Novice teachers who hold a provisional certificate are assigned a mentor teacher, in accordance with state guidelines. Mentors support their novice partners throughout the school year in reaching the goals of the district's Mentoring and Induction Plan. After satisfying district requirements and completing their first year of teaching, the state will award a permanent teaching certificate.
Annual Performance Report
Consider the following:
  • Instructional Functions: best practices, differentiated instruction, technology, centers, grouping, respect, parent involvement
  • Professional Functions: extra curricular involvement, committee work, continuing education
  • Personal Qualities: flexibility, cooperation, humor, timeliness, preparation, communication
  • Planning: standards-driven, connection to previous knowledge, tiered activities, cross-curricular integration, developmentally appropriate objectives, differentiation of instruction and assessment, various modalities/multiple intelligences are addressed in activities, higher order thinking skills (Bloom's taxonomy)
  • Presentation: time on-task, transition, monitoring, feedback, organization and logic of lesson, direct instruction or group work
  • Materials: advance preparation, manipulatives, audio/visual, multisensory
  • Evaluation: incorporate opportunities for various student responses including oral, written, pair/share, etc., informal assessment, decision-making, probing questions, rubrics, projects
  • Atmosphere: learning centers, group roles, enthusiastic, engaging, student-centered, task-oriented
  • Communication: clearly stated and understandable objectives, teacher circulation
  • Management: clearly posted rules and consequences, praise, routines, redirection


Professional Improvement Plan
Consider the following:


  • Goals: professional growth objectives
  • Standards: indicate how goals are related to PD standards and administrative recommendations
  • Activities: workshops, staff development, committee work, professional days
  • PD Hours: professional development hours are valid toward your 100 hours only if related to PIP objectives