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Fact Sheet 2023-2024

Milltown Public Schools - Milltown, NJ 08850

Milltown is a small, tightly knit community of 7,000 residents, located in western Middlesex County.  Our community is easily accessible, positioned between the New Jersey Turnpike and US Route 1, very close to Rutgers University.  As the name implies, the early history of Milltown generated around the production mills, which were powered by harnessing the waters of the Lawrence Brook as it flowed into the Mill Pond.  Mill Pond still exists in the center of town.  Now our mills have been transformed into businesses and residential units, and our town thrives with services, shops, churches and stores.  Milltown features residential housing of every type; single family homes, multi–family dwellings and apartments/condominiums.  Milltown has approximately 2,400 housing units, and while land for new building is relatively limited, growth is seen from some new housing developments and in real estate turnover from mature families to families with school–age children.  Milltown appeals as an attractive and affordable place to live in Middlesex County, and real estate sales reflect this.


The District is home to two thriving schools, serving our K–8 population, with an average total of 835 students.  Our younger students attend Parkview School, which was refurbished and expanded in 1997, including playground equipment from our PTO and new equipment for our preschoolers.  Parkview School houses our PreK-3 classes. Students in grades 4 through 8 attend Joyce Kilmer School in the center of town; grades 4 and 5 are structured in a self–contained organization, with language arts and math teams Grades 6 through 8 are departmentalized, suitable to middle–school education.  Joyce Kilmer School includes a multi–media technology classroom, a media center, and a STEM Lab.  Through a formal send–receive contract, approved by the Department of Education, our high school students are sent on a tuition basis to Spotswood High School.  Our operating budget supports Parkview School and Joyce Kilmer School, as well as the tuition for students attending Spotswood High School. 


Our Board of Education is composed of 9 residents; each elected for a three–year term.  The Board operates under a committee structure, which ensures oversight in seven major areas: Curriculum and Instruction, Facilities and Finance, Grants & HIB, Negotiations, Personnel and Management, and Public Relations. The Board meets on a periodic basis with the Spotswood Board of Education. Our administrative team includes Superintendent of Schools/Curriculum Director, Dr. Stephanie Brown; Principal of Parkview School, Mr. Eric Siegel; Principal of Joyce Kilmer School, Mr. William Veit; Assistant Principal, Mrs. Jaclyn Citro; School Business Administrator, Ms. Norma Tursi; and Director of Special Education Mrs. Sara McGowan.


The District’s education philosophy and goals are based in a rigorous academic program that addresses the needs of all learners with emphasis on character education. Parkview School prepares children with a solid foundation in reading for success in all subjects, through a balanced literacy approach, extending into Joyce Kilmer School. Students engage in formal process writing pieces, in addition to various other daily writing activities. Math instruction in both schools prepares our students for the college and career readiness through challenges of applied problem–solving in math and science, supported by cross–content reading skills for word problems, graphs, maps, and measurement.  At Joyce Kilmer School, our fourth and fifth grades work as teams, which strengthen transition to our departmentalized middle school program in sixth, seventh and eighth grades. Joyce Kilmer School extends reading and writing across the curriculum, using a literature – based, thematic approach, and our math program includes pre-algebra in 7th grade and algebra in 8th grade.  Our students enjoy opportunities for creativity and performance each year, in their classrooms and related subjects, such as our innovative art programs at both schools and our inspiring music programs, supplemented by vocal and instrumental options.  Student wellness is supported by a comprehensive physical education program that promotes fitness, and a contemporary health and family life curriculum. The District designs and delivers enrichment and gifted and talented activities in both schools.  The District offers a world language program in Spanish instruction, which is provided for our students using current “best practice” instructional models, through functional–conversational learning experiences throughout the grades. Middle school electives supplement the curriculum with offerings such as intramural sports, life skills and geography.


Technology supports our strong initiative in 21st century learning that provides our students with educational tools and informational resources that support and enhance curriculum.  The District’s technology includes 1:1 device for all students with additional classroom computers for small group instruction and staff. Each school enjoys wireless computer access, and the District provides experiences with technology through virtual reality carts and integrated instructional software available in every grade for all students. Milltown Public Schools is a registered Google domain.  Teachers and students have access to a secure Google environment that allows access to all The District implements a progressive Technology Plan, which requires accountability for cost–effective upgrades of computers, ongoing maintenance and equitable accessibility to digital learning and online information.


The District enjoys the support of an active PTO, Milltown Education Foundation, and community involvement. The Superintendent solicits public input through an annual needs assessment, strategic planning process and public forums on a variety of topics to maintain a transparent, collaborative decision-making culture. We are justifiably proud of the achievements of our students and our staff, of the community involvement and spirit within our schools, and of our culture that focuses on the growth, development and well-being of our students.


Milltown named one of the Best Towns to Raise a Family in New Jersey!


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