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Superintendent's Message

Stephanie A. Brown, Ed.D.
Superintendent & Curriculum Director



“Thanksgiving is a joyous invitation
to shower the world with love and gratitude.”

Amy Leigh Mercree


The onset of the holiday season provides an opportunity to focus on being thankful and show our gratitude to those who mean the most to us. In the midst of these challenging times, it is important to spend time as a family and share love and appreciation for each other.  Reflecting on the good things in our life each day helps maintain a positive mindset.  Research out of Hofstra University has shown that kids who kept a daily gratitude journal reported fewer physical ailments and more school satisfaction.  Steering children away from what they don’t have into conversations to appreciate what they do have helps build character.  Giacomo Bono, who co-authored a landmark 2011 study titled “Measuring Gratitude in Youth,” found that kids who appreciate what they have are more likely to form strong and healthy friendships and family ties and do better academically.  The key is to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving at the forefront of our minds by showing gratitude for those we love and what we have through our actions each day.

Wishing you peace and the joy of family and friends this Thanksgiving Day and throughout the Holiday Season!

Be well,

Dr. Stephanie Brown