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Consultation with the County Board of Elections has confirmed that the original advertisement for the Board seat vacancy end date of December 31, 2020 was inaccurate, and the correct end date for the vacant Board seat is December 31, 2021.
Carl Schneider
Mr. Carl Schneider, President
Jennifer Spisso
Mrs. Jennifer Spisso, Vice President
Joanne Demetrio
Mrs. JoAnne Demetrio, Board Member
Celeste Jonas
Mrs. Celeste Jonas, Board Member
Janice Hodgson
Mrs. Janice Hodgson, Board Member
Jim Lloyd
Mr. Jim Lloyd, Board Member
Mary O'Mara
Mrs. Mary O'Mara, Board Member
David Oryniak
Mr. David Oryniak, Board Member
camera shy
Mrs. Patty Tymon, Board Member





Goal 1:

Student Achievement


Show progress in school and district student achievement data.

Goal 2: 

Collaborative Leadership


 Provide a culture of collaboration among union, administration, and the Board of Education.

Goal 3:



To engage in collective bargaining with the Milltown Education Association.