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Support Services
Welcome to Student Support Services
732-214-2365 option 4
The Office of Student Support Services, in compliance with New Jersey Administrative Code, oversees the evaluation, identification and specialized programming designed to meet the needs of classified students. If you have or know of a child who has a delay, a disability, or has trouble learning, please call the Office of Student Support Services at 732-214-2365 option 4 to learn more about the Child Study Team referral process.
The Child Study Team (CST) is comprised of a School Social Worker, School Psychologists, and a Learning Disability Teacher-Consultant (LDTC). In addition to testing and evaluating children, the team members work closely with teachers and parents to develop Individualized Educational Programs (IEP) for each classified student. They also monitor the progress of students and consult with parents, teachers, students, and school administrators. 
Programs provided depend on the individual needs of the identified students. Related services can include speech and language services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, individual counseling, or social skills group. Students can be identified as eligible as early as their 3rd birthday.
Contact Information
Sara McGowan, Director of Special Education
Barbara Tarrant, Special Services Secretary
Samantha Nachman, School Social Worker
Sierra Grocott, School Psychologist
Emma Hernandez, School Social Worker
Nicola Scimeca, LDTC
Christine Potter, Speech & Language Therapist (Parkview)
Jennifer Bautista, Speech & Language Therapist (Parkview & Joyce Kilmer)
Kimberlee Murray-Steinbruck, General Education School Counselor
Richard Joyce, Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Brittany Weintraub, General Education School Counselor
Patricia Onore, LDTC